6.5 Publishing Screen Shot

Can I ask someone a favour?

I’m trying to publish from 6.5 for the first time after upgrading from 6.1 and am not sure how to specify the JCR query for a full publish or an unpublish.

Could someone screengrab me the Content List -> By Name parameters from their 6.5 publish setup?

Thanks in advance,


This functionality did not change between Version 6.1 and Version 6.5.2. Your 6.1 Content Lists should still function correctly. Did publishing break after you upgraded?

The Rhythmyx Implementation Guide includes the screenshots you are looking for. See pp. 301 and 303 for examples of full publish configurations. See p. 307 for an unpublish example. (Note that the text links to the 6.5.2 version of the document, which has a different pagination than the 6.0/6.1 version of the document.)

An unpublishing Content List uses the sys_PublishedSiteItems generator rather than the sys_SearchGenerator used in publishing Content Lists. The sys_PublishedSiteItems generator does not use a JCR query. It returns all Content Items currently published on the Site.



Our DEV box was never configured to publish. We’re doing our development work - upgrade to 6.5 and Velocity - on there and wanted to verify that the changes would publish okay.

But there are lots of errors in the log file mostly like
WARN [PSLocationUtils] Found multiple templates: [XXXX,YYYY] picking: XXXX
which, I assume, are related to our new dispatch templates.

Any ideas how to track these errors down?


WARN [PSLocationUtils] Found multiple templates: [XXXX,YYYY] picking: XXXX

is not an error - just a notification that item went through dispatch template.