7.2 Upgrade - Edit Live Configuration for true inline templates

I recently ran into this issue when upgrading a customer to 7.2 from 6.7.

There was a 6.7 patch to allow for “real” inline templates, the 7.2 upgrade removed one of the configuration settings for this patch:

RX-15860 - In order to complete the fix for RX-15860, follow these additional steps:

    1. *Ensure that rxEditLiveFormEncodeDecode.disabled is renamed to rxEditliveFormEncodeDecode.xml under {installation root}\rx_resources\ephox\plugins
    1. *Open all editlive configuration files that are in use and add the attribute inlineSpanPriority=“true” to the htmlFilter element.
      • (This will force span tags to have priority order within an all inline set of tags).
    1. *Open the server.properties file located in {installation root}\rxconfig\Server and set the property allowTrueInlineTemplates=true
    1. *Re-start server
    1. *Clear browser cache and java plugin cache

If you have configured this, the rxEditliveFormEncodeDecode.xml is removed by the upgrade. Renaming the rxEditLiveFormEncodeDecode.disabled to rxEditLiveFormEncodeDecode.xml will restore the “real” inline template functionality.

Templates that should be inline, should not contain block elements and must have a <span> tag as the root element. True “inline” inline templates will be indicated by two arrow images (> inline stuff <) and can be removed by double clicking to invoke the context menu with a delete option.