Active Assembly Table Editor

Rx 6.5.2

Trying to get my navons working, and I am running in to a problem. When searching via Active Assembly Table Editor, it does not return any of the current site’s content. It does return the FF sites, but nothing from the one I am currently working in.

The other searches work fine from Content Explorer, as do the inline searches. Do I need to add content types to something in Workbench to get it to work properly, a la the inline stuff, or is there something else obvious I am missing?


That sounds very strange. The search should return all content which is allowed in the slot you are searching in.

Did you add new slots on your site, or are you using the ones from Fast Forward? If so, did you add your new Content Types / Templates to the Slots?


That would be the problem. I figured I was overlooking something simple. Thanks.