Adding to my Navigation Tree


My question pertains to my sites navigation tree. I want to add section links to a particular page on my website (so they show up below, slightly indented as subnav). I browsed for pages and attempted to target the section that the pages are located under. The parent page where the other pages are housed, is black and I am unable to click through to find the other pages.

How can I reach those pages so I can section link to them in my navigation?


Hi John,

Any chance you can share a screenshot of the behavior you’re encountering? I’m not sure if I’ve seen this before, based on your description. Thanks!

I want to create a new level and the pages are located under the section the arrow is pointing to which cannot be expanded.

Hi John,

Based on your initial question, I think what needs to be done is the following: Access the navigation tree through the main CM1 drop down menu in the upper left and select navigation. Next go through the tree until you reach the level and section in which you want to add a new link to. Judging by your screenshot it looks like you should be at level 3 (Business and Consumer Electronics) To add a new section link to that, click on the level 4 icon to the right of the page, this should automatically link a new section/level to your page. Here is some help documentation from our help site for a little more reference.

The reason it cannot be expanded is because you haven’t added a new “branch” to the navigation tree. Once you add that level, as I have outlined, you should be all set to go! Let me know if you’re still having trouble.

Hi Ben,

I think we’re almost there on this. I’m trying to create a new level ( level 4 ) stemming from the Business and Consumer Electronics page that links to the sub-pages within BCE so these 5 sub-pages appear as sub-navigation headers like this:

When attempting to make a new branch,

I can’t link to those 5 sub-pages as section links because they aren’t dropping down under Business and Consumer Electronics. Basically I want these sub-pages under BCE:

to appears as sub-nav headings like the first picture. I can’t add a new branch to the navigation tree because these 5 missing sub-pages under BCE are supposed to be the new branches.

Am I going about this the wrong way?

Thanks for all the help guys!

Hi John,

We are nearly there. It’s sort of hard to explain through a wall of text and screenshots, but you are very close. Bear with me here! The reason why your sections aren’t showing up in your navigation is because you have created the sections in the folder using normal folders, not navigation folders. Navigation folders are differentiated by two white areas located on the folder as shown.

Now to make the appropriate folders you need to head to your tree and click through all sections until you arrive to the appropriate spot and follow this step. In your case this would be level 4 and 5.

Lastly once you click the add level 5 section this box should pop up.

Once these index pages housed within your new nav folders have been approved and published, your navigation should update itself and show the appropriate subsections.

Let me know if this works, or doesn’t work, and thanks for putting up with my badly drawn arrows!


Yeah, we need to talk about those arrows, Ben … :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I get that the folders that I’d like to set as subnav headers under BCE need to be changed into navigation folders. What’s not clear is how to change those folders into navigation folders.

What do I do to change those folders into navigation folders after that ‘New Section’ box appears?

Hi John,

So essentially what we are doing is creating new folders and replacing the old ones. CM1 does not contain a functionality to change existing folders into nav folders. Depending on the current amount of content you have for those index pages you can do one of two steps.

  1. If your index pages within the BCE Strategy/ Products/ Public Policy/ or Regional Activity have a lot of content in them already you need to rename the folders. You can do that by highlighting the respective folder and going to the gear in the top right hand corner and altering it in folder properties. This is so when you create the new nav folders there won’t be conflict or duplication in folder names.

Then proceed to create the sections as I have outlined in the previous post. Display title should be whatever you want your folder names to be. Once the new nav folders are created you just need to drag the proper index page to the new section in the navigation view.

Within this new nav folder you will have a couple of indices. Index will be the one you have dragged in, and index (2) will be the new one you created without content. Delete index (2). You are all set to go!

  1. If you don’t have content within those index pages, feel free to delete these folders and create the new sections as is.

I hope this helps, it is a pretty confusing subject, so thanks for your patience. As a side note, I hope you enjoy my new arrows thanks to my new screen capture software. After I was publicly shamed by Nathaniel it had to be done.