Alternate favicon for sub directory

I have a sub directory that needs to display it’s own favicon along with all the assets that are pulled from that sub directory index page.

I’ve removed the main favicon from the themes directory.
I’ve saved the new favicon in the images folder within the sub directory
I’ve linked to it via the additional code section of the index.

The new favicon is displaying for the index page but it is not for all the assets. The assets on the page are populated by a file auto list widget and are set to open in a new tab.

I’ve republished the site and verified that the main favicon has been removed from the web resources directory.

The assets are still displaying with the original favicon. How can I get the assets that are being called by this page to display the alternate favicon? I am in a pinch.

Thanks so much!!

Hey Kristy,

Any chance you could link us to the page in question with the associated assets so we can look at the behavior and source code in order to get a better idea as to how we might remedy this behavior? Thanks!…
is the page with the assets.

Thanks so much!!

Hi Kristy,

There’s no way to explicitly associate a favicon with certain PDF files. What many browsers do that have the capability to display PDFs (rather than make you download them) is they’ll simply use the favicon file at the root of your web server.

In your case, it looks like someone has manually uploaded your old favicon to your server’s root directory, which is what your browser is loading when displaying PDFs:

This has to be done manually, as Percussion doesn’t provide a way to upload assets to the root of your site (you could always setup a server rewrite rule that makes an asset appear as though it’s at the server’s root, if you really wanted to be able to maintain this within Percussion).