Any work around for HTML5 Tags in responsive design templates?

Hi all - I’m building out a new home page and a subpage template today and am working to an crazy deadline of Monday get content loaded. It’s a responsive site design and I just realized the designer used HTML5 tags like “nav” and “header”. Any advice on how to handle these in CM1 or should I just go back to the design and ask her to adjust her code to eliminate any HTML5 and CSS3?



If it is a possibility, then yes, your best solution at this time would be to ask your designer to adjust her code to use only Div regions. There is a possible workaround in which you would house these HTML5 regions in HTML widgets, but this would mean that ALL content contained within these regions would only be editable through the HTML widget, which is obviously not a best practice.

Thanks Nathaniel. She provided revised code Friday evening. I’m still having issues with getting the template to render correctly but I’m slowly making progress.

Glad to hear you were able to get updated code and are making progress on importing the design into CM1. Of course, feel free to create a new topic on this forum if you hit any snags during the design import process.

Recently I installed a responsive theme acool built with HTML5 and CCS3. So do I need to revise the code like Catherine if I add this to CM1?

Hi Mary,

Yes, you would need to revise the code as our templates use div tags for the main regions. However, that theme looks like it is for Wordpress and built with PHP, so it may be more involved than just converting the HTML5 to standard HTML.

We do offer design services if you need to do a full redesign of your site, a small refresh, or if you want us to help you take a design that you already have and turn it into templates for you. If this is something you need, please let me know, otherwise, keep us posted if you need anything during this process!