Approving/Publishing Page Also Approves/Publishes Related Assets

It would be nice, and save a lot of frustration from my users, if when they’ve uploaded and linked assets on a page, when they approve and publish the page they also approve and publish the linked assets.
The separate workflow for assets isn’t intuitive for many people. I believe logic here is that if they’ve approved the page with the assets on it, why would they also have to go approve the assets as well?
To be clear, this occurs almost every time they have a page on which they’ve linked some PDFs. These pages will appear to work perfectly well in preview mode, but because the assets are not actually approved, they fail to publish and do not work on the live site. I would like to add that the page and the assets are in the same workflow, so this is not a permissions issue.
I’m personally curious about what security, or other benefits, we gain by having to send assets through an approval workflow like we do pages. Wouldn’t a page have to be re-approved if the link was changed to a different asset? Ergo, you would be approving the use of the new asset on the page.

I heartily agree with this.