Can assets be archived or files such as pdfs in an asset folder become archived?

When you are on a file or image asset, or on pages, you can specify a Schedule setting under the “Publish” menu when in edit mode for the file, image, or page. If you specify a date in the Removal Date field through Scheduling, it will automatically take the page or asset down off the live site.

Is this what you are referring to?

Thanks Daved…kind of, Can those archive files populate to a page such as the page auto list items?

This type of archiving of pages actually takes them down from the website so they are no longer accessible. It’s more used for events, news articles, promotions, etc… that are short run and need to be taken down at a scheduled date.

To “archive” a page and still have it accessible on the site you will need to either move it into a folder, or set up tags and/or categories. With the folder approach, you can use an auto-list to list the contents of the folder according to the parameters set in the list. Tags and Categories will allow you to leverage the Tags or Categories widgets along with the Results widget to create a filtering page that will only show results in the list according to the Tag or Category clicked on the page.

You could also use a combination of these two approaches to have pages in an Archive folder, while being assigned to a category or tagged. Unfortunately, there is no automated archival approach that will leave the page on the public website and all approaches here will require a manual move process…