Assets not publish when new template is created and used

I just noticed when I created a new template and used an image in our theme folder that when I published a page with the new template.  The new image was not published to the live server.  This is a big issue if I have to run a full site publish to move images/files from my theme folder on the Percussion server to my web servers.

Hi Matt,

Web_resources (themes, etc.) is copied to the web server during an incremental or full publish.  To get your web_resources out quickly, you can approve one page and then run an incremental publish.  

We do recommend, though, that you place any images from your theme in the /Assets directory. This allows you to make any necessary changes more quickly than an incremental or full publish.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have more questions.


Thanks Chris.  That should maybe be covered in training on new clients.  I was told to put all of that stuff in the actual theme folder.

Can I ask what’s the point of the theme folder then?  Pretty much everything that is in it should actually be an asset for easy updating.