Auto list summary not updating


Ok so when I update my page that is being pulled in an auto list. The summary doesn’t update in the small listing, even though the auto generate summary button is checked.

If I create a new page, then go to meta data and click, auto generate summary, it pulls things in nicely. Then I saved it, come back in later and added an h1 tag to my title, that is apart of, or before my read more summary tag, save it, then look at the small summary in the auto list. No effect, the H1 tag didn’t change the styling at all.

Also having this problem with a image that I have changed in the page. The summary still brings in my logo (the orgional image that I had in the summary), not the new image I have replaced it with.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is a pict of the results. Also working on styling these things. Getting some styles to respond. Also wondering if you can make your summary clickable? I can make it rollover and have a hover state, but it looks like CM1 only applies the link to the page off the title. Anyway to change that so the thumbnail could be clickable?

Hey Sandy,

One thing I do want to point out is that a page’s summary can be managed in two locations:

  1. If you have “Auto generate summary” checked , you manage the summary directly through the page’s main Rich Text widget. In this case, the summary content is all of the content that appears above the “More link” you will have manually added in the Rich Text editor. The “More link” appears as: < …read more > in the editor.

  2. If you have “Auto generate summary” un-checked , then you can control the page’s summary contents directly through the Edit Meta-data menu.

Please ensure that you’re editing the summary text in the right place, depending on your configuration.

Are you trying to make the thumbnail image in the summary a clickable link that leads to the parent article? If so, you can do this in the same manner you would make any image in the RTE into a link: select the thumbnail image in your page’s summary, hit the “Insert/edit link” button, browse to the page itself, then save and insert.

Ok, yes and yes. I was updating the info in the pages rich text widget, but it didn’t,t seem to respond. Yes I tried making the image in my rtW so that it had a link as you described but again the summary was not responding to the link. Maybe it’s a setting I have, or because I’m not publishing live yet?

I will go over it in my training session with Jon tomorrow and see if we can figure it out and report back.

Morrning =)

Ok I checked again and the link on the thumbnail is working now. Maybe my browser was not refreshing or something. Horray!

The formatting is still a little weird, will work on that today and report back =)