Batch Change Templates for Pages

Would love a way to select multiple pages at once and change their template. The Design screen is insufficient, it only shows 5 pages at a time and is not even ordered alphabetically (seems ordered by page creation date perhaps?)

Ideally it’d be a screen that allows on the filter a multi select list of all pages by various filter criteria like page name, display title, section, etc. One would then multi select from the filtered list and mass change its template.

I agree; I would love to see this as well.

Any idea when this will be added or if it will?  I currently have 1,200 pages on a specific template that need to be changed to a different template and that will take FOREVER doing it one page at a time.

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Currently, the only way to change the template is either update the css to replace the existing css OR just apply entire 1000 pages at once even without this message “Content migration did not populate all widgets on the page. The original content can be accessed in the Unused Asset tray.”


I hope solution to appear within a year or two since we will be doing website overhaul in 3 years. It will be nightmare for me to change template on one per page…

Thank you.