block access to html widget

Is there a way to block non-admin users from accessing HTML widgets?

Yes, you can.

You put all shared asset widgets in a “Restricted Workflow” (I made that workflow) so they won’t access to anything that’s “core” to the college’s website. 

I hope I make sense. 

I think it makes sense. Let me experiment and get back to this.

I have different ways of doing this:

> /design/
> /widgets/

Under each is a folder for each specific department website.

These are generally locked onto their individual templates (designs) also and they can’t touch them.  For custom CSS, I point to a style sheet on the page, but I do have a master CSS sheet.

I’m also the only one that can edit the department templates (designs).

/design/ are anything to do with the core design
/widgets/ are custom scripted pieces I create for them.

under /design/ you have the websites - and then I folder up the pieces.


> /web-services/
>>  /banner-lg/
>>>> /slides/
>> /top-nav/

and I have a /css/ in the root for my master CSS pieces.  (default, tables, custom ul or ol , etc).

For the actual websites, I keep their assets in a folder called:  /Assets/websites/—sitename/

Debbie :slight_smile: