Browser locks up when publishing pages.

After editing a page and ready to publish the page, the browser locks up. I do receive an email from the workflow stating that content is waiting for my attention, however I have to close the browser because it is completely unresponsive. The last published date never changes in the page link details. The updates are not published to the live server. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

We are using CM1 Version 4.5.5 Build 122014R19 with Windows server 2012 R2 (2 - 4 core processors, 6GB RAM) with SQL Express 2012 R2. The SQL server database is using 3.6GB of data most of which seem to be in the assets table. At one time we were asked not to use version 5.05 due to issues that may effect us. Are we good to upgrade now?

We found the answer. It appears that the server was no longer able to publish ftp resources on that site in IIS. Curios though, we are not using the ftp option during publishing.

Hello Steve,

It sounds like your issue is resolved, if you do run into this again I would suggest submitting a support ticket to If you could supply a copy of your Percussion server.log, located in \AppServer\server\rx\log\server.log, this might have some more detailed information.

The next release we have after 4.5 is 5.1, and you can upgrade to this release. You can see more about 5.1 here:…

Please let us know if you have any other questions!