Building a link to a file

I have created a dropdown that returns all binaries that have been uploaded and are of a certain type (.kmz). The value for the dropdown is that binary item’s system id.

That dropdown is located in a content type for a pretty generic page. Assuming you select a file, a link to that file will automatically generate when the page is built.

However, that is where I am running into a problem. I cannot figure out how to get Rhythmyx to generate the path to the file so that the link works properly. This really seems like not only the most logical, but the easiest for the user. That said, I am certainly open to ideas of how to handle this differently.

Any suggestions from anyone?


You say

It sounds like a link is being generated. If that is that case, what is not working correctly in the link that is being generated?


Sorry, when I said that, I was meaning I am having no problem with the HTML portion executing. It is the href part that is messing up.

I tried using location.generate, but that only seems to work for the current item being built.

At this point, I am thinking of a way to automatically build a slot with a template that will build the link, but I am still unsure of how to pass the content ID properly.

What href are you getting, and what href do you want to get? Do you have some examples?


The procedure is described in the topic “Implementing Hypertext Links”, p. 142 in the Rhythmyx Implementation Guide. The procedure for linking to a file is not really any different than any other hypertext link. If you have access to a FastForward implementation, you can use the rffSnTitleLinkandIcon Snippet Template as an example to follow.

If that is not working, can you post the code so we can see what you are doing?


Nevermind. I was completely thinking about this the wrong way. Basically, I was trying to reinvent passing a variable via a slot.

I am fairly new to Rhythmyx, so sometimes the obvious is not so obvious.