Bulk Upload Approve Assets

I’m not sure what I need selected in my workflow but my Contributors and Editors do not have “Approve Assets” in their Bulk Upload.

Is this only for Admin?

Piggy-backing on this question:

Is there a way to have a users dashboard display FILES/IMAGES status? I’m getting alot of folks not publishing images or files as well as their web pages.

Yes, Debbie, this is an Admin only option. It is not available for Editors and Contributors because they do not have the power to approve items throughout the website. Instead, when they upload items they become a part of the default workflow for their folder so it follows the proper approval path.

Adding a question on top of this - the users are forgetting to Edit > Submit documents and images.

Does the Dashboard or anything within the system, some how denote that an asset belonging to a page that was just published - has not been also published?

This is beginning to be one of the newest issues.

I do review the Dashboard nightly to see what is in queue and this morning I started sending out reminders for pages still in REVIEW (just a few) .