Calendar: All-Day Event Option

Like most usable and popular calendars (i.e. Google Calendar), it’s be great if the calendar and event widgets allowed for all-day events.

  • All Day Events would not display the begin/end times
  • Non-All Day Events would continue showing begin and/or end times

** the ability to only select the begin or end times or both would be helpful as well for time specific events. ** (i.e. an event could have a begin time, but no end time – plenty of events happen this way in the real world)

I do think the ability to flag events as all-day events is a common use-case and would be very useful. Thanks for posting this. FYI, you can have events that only have a start time with no end time currently. If you’ve already entered an end time for what you meant to have as an open-ended event, select the time in the End Date time, hit backspace, and then Save.

Nathaniel, thanks, I’ll try that tip for getting no end time.

Has there been any movement on this? Because this is something we really, really need in order to even use Percussion’s calendar. As it stands, we’re probably going to have to keep using our old calendar system until we can find another third-party fix, which is really not ideal.


We are in the same boat. We’ve actually looked at quite a few other solutions and are probably going to buy one this fall. The one we liked a lot was ActiveData.