Calendar Issues

Hi there,

On our main page, on the top right, ( we have a link that should navigate to our company calendar. I entered into edit mode on our home page, went to edit template to unlock the widget, edited the content of the widget and then attempted to re-link to the company calendar asset. I was greeted with the error message, ‘please select a valid resource.’ Where should I go from here?

Also, we have found that the only way to add events to any calendar we create is to make a separate page and then add it to the calendar via playing with its meta-data. Is there an easier, less time consuming way to go about creating and up keeping calendars?


Hi John,

It sounds like you’re attempting to create an anchor link to the Calendar asset itself, correct? If so, this won’t work; you can only link directly to pages or file assets (PDFs, Word docs, etc.). What you want to do instead is link to a page in Percussion CMS that contains the calendar asset.

The method you’ve outlined of creating a page and assigning it to a calendar through the meta-data is the only way to create calendar entries.