Calendar Widget populating in preview, but not on live page

Just as the title says. My calendar widget/page was working and I happen to just check on it today and neither the main calendar widget or the preview/side calendar populate all of the events that I have published. When I view the page in preview/percussion everything is populated and looks great, but when I publish the page and view it live, nothing populates on the page. Does anyone know why this might happen? 

Link to the live calendar page:

Hello Andrew,

The calendar is populated by our DTS service, and there are some errors in the web console when trying to display this information.

We will open a support ticket to get more details about your installation to resolve this.


This issue was resolved after restarting the DTS service.  The DTS log files did not give us a clue as to why this happened, but if the issue happens again we will investigate further.