Here is a link, could you tell me if percussion has this capability with the calendar/events?

Hi Inga,

Yes this is possible in CM1. It is common for our customers to have a events list on their homepage.

The typical method of doing this is to use the page-auto-list widget

Add this widget your template. Once you’ve added the widget click on the widgets wrench icon to configure the widget properties according to the way you would like the pages to display. The typical method is to display the list of event from earliest even to the latest and display around 3- 5 events.

To have the events displayed from earliest event to latest event you would configure the Page-auto-list to display pages in order of the pages publish date from earliest publish date.

To display the events summary configure the Page-auto-list to display your pages summaries.

You can control how many events are displayed by the “Max List Length”.
to display the list vertically configure the lay out to vertical.

Example page auto list set up is:

Now you will have to point the page auto list to the events pages you would like it to display. It is typical that customers create a “upcoming events” folder and point the auto-list to that folder. You can configure this from the content tab.

Now the widget should display 5 pages in your “upcoming events” folder. It will display the pages according to the page with earliest publish date and each pages summary.

Now all that is left to do is to add css to give your list the look and feel you desire.