Calling back to the DTS from IIS

I have a DTS on server A and IIS, serving the site to the outside World, on server B.

What do I need to do to CM1 in order that pages being served on server B know how to call back to the DTS on server A?

As an example, to do a rapid end-to-end test, I created a form page, using the form-builder widget and went for the “local server” postback option. The URL in the action of the form had no mention of the DTS server’s URL, just a relative path to the form handler. (Just to test this out, I went in and edited the published file by hand to insert the DTS URL, and the form handling worked)

So, essentially, is there a setting somewhere I can say:

Or do I have to do something else? Does it not apply equally to things like blog comments etc. Or have I missed something?




Great question. When you publish a page which uses a Form widget – or any other widget that leverages dynamic content using the DTS server – the code gets assembled using the specified in your delivery-servers.xml file as the root DTS domain and port. This file can be found in the [cm1_root]\rxconfig\DeliveryServer directory.

For reference, here is an example delivery-servers.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <br> <deliveryserverconfig> <br><br>
  <deliveryserver> <br>
    <connection-url></connection-url> <br>
     <user>ps_manager</user> <br>
     <password encrypted="true">-7a817995ebf59950e59a1641964fdd61</password> <br>
     <admin-connection-url></admin-connection-url> <br>
     <allow-self-signed-certificate>true</allow-self-signed-certificate> <br>
     <availableservices> <br>
        <service>perc-form-processor</service> <br>
        <service>feeds</service> <br>
        <service>perc-comments-services</service> <br>
        <service>perc-metadata-services</service> <br>
        <service>perc-membership-services</service> <br>
     </availableservices> <br>
  </deliveryserver> <br><br>
  <deliveryserver> <br>
     <connection-url></connection-url> <br>
     <user>ps_manager</user> <br>
     <password encrypted="true">-7cd50422f40e9ee79d8bd0e3478f4621e6e9018044a2518f</password> <br>
     <admin-connection-url></admin-connection-url> <br>
     <allow-self-signed-certificate>false</allow-self-signed-certificate> <br>
     <availableservices> <br>
        <service>perc-thirdparty-services</service> <br>
     </availableservices> <br>
  </deliveryserver> <br> </deliveryserverconfig>

In this example, the


line specifies what URL gets written as your DTS root on your published pages, and must be a URL accessible by the public (when you go live).

Additionally, the


line specifies what hostname or IP address the CM1 server uses to write to the DTS server. This is often just the same hostname as in the tag, but it can be different, which can be useful if you have specific rules for how servers interact on your local network.

Please note that when making changes to this file, you will need to restart the CM1 service for the changes to take effect. Of course, the changes won’t appear on your published content until you re-published the pages in question.

Secondary question:

if I want to post into the DTS from an external source, what do I need to do? Set up users somewhere? I’m sure this is documented somewhere…


To post basic queries to the DTS server to retrieve content such as page meta-data, you don’t need to authenticate against any user. This DTS API help document outlines how to structure these types of queries:…

Access to the DTS server’s form processor does require authentication. Access to that is authenticated against the user identified in your tomcat-users.xml file, which is located at [dts_root]\Deployment\Server\conf. This might not be relevant in your case, but this help doc outlines how to retrieve form data from the DTS server outside of the Form Tracker gadget:…

Great answers as usual!

What is the default password for ps_manager user. The password is encrypted in the file. When we edit the, what is the email.username and email.password that we should specify. Is it the ps-manager username that goes here?