Can HTML Assets Be Scheduled for Posting?

We have the system setup so that the Webmaster (me) does the reviewed and runs a pre-publish at 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. The full publish happens at Midnight (7 days a week).

Image assets and web pages can be giving a date/time stamp to publish and I use this to swap out my own banners.

However, there is a department that often needs their banner images and banner links changed by Monday. Because the banner is linked - it would mean the HTML Asset would also need to be changed.

Is there any work around to this I might be missing?

The page where this banner appears can be scheduled, but the the asset itself cannot be scheduled. The reason for this is that pages are assembled at time of publish. You cannot substitute in a “piece” of a page; you must publish the entire page.  Images are unique because technically they are not inserted into pages, they are linked in pages and have a unique URL.