Can I setup the DTS on an existing Tomcat server?

I have a Tomcat server already running hosting several web apps. I would like to deploy the DTS to that server as it is already in the DMZ and secured. Then, instead of having several different VM’s that are all running Tomcat and idle most of the time, I’d have one Tomcat server that was more efficiently utilized.

Is there a WAR file or something similar that I could use to configure my existing Tomcat installation to additionally serve as a DTS server?

Hi Willie,

While this may be possible if you’re running Tomcat 6 (you could grab the WAR files, property files, and migrate server.xml configs from a DTS Tomcat deployment), this is not supported or documented, and you’ll run into further issues whenever you need to upgrade the DTS web applications along with Percussion.

If you want to run the DTS Tomcat on this same machine, this could be achieved more easily by changing the default Tomcat ports on the DTS server.xml file and running both Tomcat instances in tandem. Let me know if you have any concerns with this option.

I think I understand. Tell me if this is right:

As long as my existing Tomcat installation doesn’t use the same ports as the defaults of DTS, I should be able to simply install the DTS on that machine and point my CM1 server to it.

Is that right?

Yes, on a high level that’s correct. Let me know if you have any further questions or issues relating to this.