Can you switch widget from one widget to another but preserve content?

We have used a simple text widget, but that doesn’t produce utf8 compliant characters when published…rich text does. Is there anyway to switch the widget from a simpe text to rich text without losing content?


There is no way to toggle a widget from one type to another in CM1, as assets created using a certain widget are typically not compatible with other types of widgets. Do you have a Simple Text widget on a template with a large amount of local page-level content across many pages using this widget?

Of course the simplest way to go about doing this would be to just copy out all of the local content from pages using this widget, delete the Simple Text widget and replace it with a Rich Text widget, and then systematically paste the content back into place. I understand that if you do have a large quantity of content that this could be very time consuming, but unfortunately this might be your best option.