Cannot edit CSS file from inside of CM1's Assets folder

Hi Nathaniel,

As you know, we have moved our JavaScript and CSS files out of the web resources folder and into the assets folder in order to be able to publish the updates we make to those files without having to do a full publish of our site.

I noticed that when I click on the americantower.css file in the assets folder now, there is no option to edit it within CM1, as you suggested we’d be able to do. I have attached a screenshot of what I see when I click on the EDIT button. There is an option to preview the file, but not to edit it.

Can you please contact me and let me know how to go about doing this?

Thank you very much.

Robin Burrage.

Hey Robin,

I’m sorry if there was some slight miscommunication here. This method was to alleviate the need to run a full site publish when updating your main CSS file, but you’ll still need to edit the CSS file from your local machine as before. Once you’ve made your changes to the file locally, at that point you edit the File asset in order to upload and save the updated CSS file (and then you can publish it out manually).