Canonincal Issues


So I had a Google Analytics guy come in and help try to explain why in our analytic under referral traffic we see a bunch of traffic from ourselves.

He explained ot us about Canonincal Issues where and are like 2 different versions of our site running at the same time in the browser world, even though both those addresses resolve to the same location.

I’m still trying to understand this myself. He used this tool to create the attach report.  You can see that to Google a different number of files are indexed under each address. Not sure why this is and if it has something to do with cm1’s publishing???

To resolve these Canonincal issues he was suggesting that we put in 301 redirects, that redirect one address to the other so we don’t show as giving ourselves a bunch of referral traffic.  He is used to Apache and was suggesting htaccess redircts.

I am running Windows and IIS so just wondering if anyone else knows about this issue and how I could add in these redirects at the right level to get my analytics reading better?

 I have a rewrite map in IIS that I do all my other redirects with, but I don’t think its the right level for this?  Its a static rewrite map, that I think gets added to the web.config doc at some point by IIS.  Everything I currently do on it is below the level though. 

Any ideas, experiences with this?


It looks like there is a module called URL Rewrite for IIS found here: I also found a promising blog post that looks like it has an example to do exactly what you’re asking for here:

For users, like myself, who are using pure tomat, there is a servlet called urlrewritefilter that accomplishes the same things as the above module. You can find it here:

I hope this helps and good luck.

Thanks!  My server guy just came to me this morning and showed me how to setup an http redirect with IIS.  I’ll check my Google Analytics tomorrow and see if the referral traffic stops listing myself now =)

Ok so I got this working all great for Google Analytics and then all my calendar widgets stopped showing the events on the calendar.

So note to others if you do this as well here is the next step to do in IIS so your DTS can resolve addresses

Step 4, change the, instead of having the www on it.

Once they do that, restart Percussion, and run a full publish. This should most likely resolve this issue.