Can't Edit Content at Level 1

I have a strange thing going on. I have a workflow, “Offices Editors.” I have a section that starts at level 1 that has been assigned to this workflow. The users in Offices Editors can not edit content at level 1. They can, however, edit everything lower than level 1.

I have attached a capture of my set up, and how I’ve assigned the workflow. Does anyone know why my editors wouldn’t have access to the 1st level content?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Brian,

If you select any of the pages on this level 1 section through the Finder, it should tell you what workflow the page is assigned to in parenthesis under Status (e.g. “Pending (Default Workflow”). My guess is that you’ll find that your section level 1 content will still be applied to the original workflow, not the new workflow you had attempted to assign it to.

The most likely cause for this is that one of your users had left this content checked-out when you attempted to assign it to this new workflow (which is a more likely scenario if you only have one or two pages on this section level). This can happen if a user opens a page for editing, but doesn’t either Close or Submit / Approve the page when their work was completed.

Assuming that you do find that these pages are still in the original workflow, what I would do is open up all of the pages in this section, override any users that the system believes is still editing this content (which you can only do as an Admin), and then hit the Close button. Once you’ve done this for all of the affected content, deselect and reselect this whole section in the workflow assignment menu, save your changes, and then wait a few minutes for the changes to process fully. Then check and ensure that all pages on all selected levels have been successfully applied to this Workflow.

I checked and it did indicated the content was assigned to the Offices Editors workflow. I then opened and closed each item as you suggested, but the user still does not have access to the content. I also resubmitted the content so it went to draft, but the user still does not have access. I’m noticing when I go back to assign the workflow, the check box to the right of “alumni relations” is not staying checked, although everything below that is. Not sure if this is related.


The next place I would check would be the section’s properties in the Navigation area of CM1. It’s possible to restrict user access to this section through both the custom workflow and the section’s properties, so there’s a chance at one point you had made this section read-only for normal users. This would be done through the Users menu in the section’s properties.

That was the issue! Thanks for your help with this.

Great, glad we were able to quickly get to the bottom of this one.