Change template on Design page

Would be really nice if when you used the “change template” on the design page that it would take you back to the template you were previously at.  Taking you all the way back to the beginning when your on template #40 out of 50 is a pain to have to click all the way to.

Thanks again Matt for the idea. I can see how this would be frustrating.

When you click on the index page of the template you have changed in the folder view, keep the selection on that page in its folder and simply press refresh on your browser.  It will reload that page in the folder that you were last clicked on (this also works if you just published the page and the work area went blank)

Here is another tip…     

Use “Design” in the roll out instead of double clicking on sites and then Design.  Using Design is the shortest route back to templates.

Hi Daniel,

I think we aren’t on the same page.  If you look at the image attached from the Design area.  When I click on “Change Template” I’m prompted to select the new template.  No issue there.  When I click OK to save that change, I’m then taken back to the beginning of my template list.  Which we have around 40-50 templates so it takes a while to click the > to get to the right template again.  It would be great if you were just taken back to the exact spot with an updated page listing for that template.

  1. Double click site, then choose Design roll out
  2. Go to folder/index (where index is the page you want to change template)
  3. Double click that index 
  4. Click edit
  5. Click change template (in Content roll out)
    {small window scroller opens to choose from templates you want to change}
  6. Choose the template you need 
  7. Save.

You will still be on the page you changed template for rather than back to all the template selections.

But the thing with that is it doesn’t help me when I have 1,281 pages to change.  Still adds way too many steps to change a template.

I also think you are talking about a different product than Percussion CM1.  There is no Design roll out.

RE: Matt Shirey, said:
“I also think you are talking about a different product than Percussion CM1.  There is no Design roll out.”

Really?  It is right up top left when you click on editor it opens a roll-out with "Home, Navigation, Editor, Design, etc..."  !!

The way you had worded it was like when you doubled clicked on the website it would have those options.

Thats great but then I have to go back to the design area and look at what pages are assigned to that template and then go through the navigator to find them edit them and then repeat 1,281 times.

This ticket was for them to look at a better way of doing this.  All other CMS’s out there have much more streamlined ways of changing templates so I was giving them an idea to add to future releases.

Understood. Hope you have a good weekend.

Matt I am not sure if you saw that we created a JIRA#2667 request for this item

@percussion - here’s an idea of what Matt is talking about - figured this mockup will help…