CM1 Hangs on Saving

Starting ~2 weeks ago, CM1 has started to hang on saving for multiple users. Upon refreshing the page (the only way to get out of watching the save wheel spin ebdkessky), it reverts to its pre-edited state. This problem began with only a few users, but has continued to expand to multiple users across the organization. All users are on Firefox, including the latest version 22.0.

We have tried refreshing caches, etc. Is there any known cause for this? It is making it almost impossible for some of our users to perform updates at this point.

Hi Cheryl,

Have you been able to recreate this behavior, or has it only been reported to you by other users so far? I have seen this behavior when users leave a Rich Text widget open for editing for an extended period of time. What appears to happen is that, when a user opens up a piece of content for editing, and then leaves the editing window open for an extended period of time, their editing session can time out, at which point they’ll have to reload the window in order to interact with CM1 again (i.e. save their changes).

If you have experienced this behavior or seen it first-hand, can you tell me if it ever comes up directly after opening a widget, making a quick edit, and saving, or does it only happen for more extensive edits that require the editing window to be open for a longer span of time?

Hi Nathaniel,

I’ve had this occur to me directly on a few occasions, with various timing from long periods of editing (15 minutes) to short (logging into the system, immediately editing the page and making only one change, attempting to save immediately). I originally assumed it was simply a time-out when someone had let their session expire mid-edit, but I can verify that it happened with almost no delay.

This happened with both quick and extensive edits, but I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it, so I apologize that I don’t have more details. Thanks!


If this happens with immediate edits, this may be a symptom of a larger problem. I’m going to create a support ticket for this issue in our portal so you can share your system’s log file with me. Please check your inbox momentarily for follow-up instructions.