CM1 internal search: Show page title or URL as column

I find it nearly impossible to find pages in the site hierarchy within a CM1 unless I’m the one who created the page, since the “Name” shows the filename, which in most cases is just index or index.html. So this search is really only useful for PDFs and other files of that nature.

Unless the page I’m looking for and site I’m searching are already live, and have Google Search active on the front end, I have no way of finding the pages I’m looking for other than just clicking around aimlessly.

I know you’re already pulling in the URL because if I hover my mouse over “index.html” I see the URL. But this obviously takes a couple seconds and doesn’t allow for scanning visually.



In version 4.4, we launched a new home page with a new search feature. It shows both the file name and page title in the search results. Also by hovering on the row, you see a thumbnail snapshot of the page.  

Killer. Thanks. One thing I would add is that it would be great to be able to sort by different columns (Title and date) vs just File Name.


Helpful blog post - BTW , if others needs to merge some PDF files , my company saw a tool here