CM1 is adding /* to my javascript. Can I stop it from publishing this with my code?

In my search box I have the below code and the CDATA that is published with my site is preventing the search from working. Can you please let me know how to stop this from publishing with these pages?

/* // ]]> document.write(’

');]]> // ]]> /*]]>*/

Hi Ryan,

Can you tell me what version of CM1 you are running (select the “?” icon in the upper right of the UI, and then hit Help)? I ask because there is a known issue with version 2.13 of CM1 where our addition of managed links in HTML widgets causes certain scripting code to auto-format incorrectly. This has been fixed in version 3.0.

Hi Ryan,

Is your search box code within an HTML or Rich-Text widget? If it’s in a Rich-Text widget, I would recommend moving it to an HTML widget, where the code will not be wrapped by CDATA tags.

Hey Jon: Thanks that worked!

Hi Ryan,
Great, glad to hear.