CM1 version 3.1 activation code

I am trying to activate CM1 version 3.1. Do I need to get a new activation code ?
I am getting “There was an unexpected error” message when I try to activate.

Hi Al,

I have just given your activation code a refresh. Could you try activating the code again?


It works now.

I suspect it wasn’t the refresh, but rather that I needed to do an initial import of a site before I applied the activation code. I was thinking about what I had done differently when I previously installed cm1. It was that I had imported a site before activating. So when I tried that, it worked. The message wasn’t about an invalid code, it was an unexpected error.

Anyway, it works now. THANK YOU !

Hi Al,

Great, glad to hear it’s working now. The error you were seeing was most likely the result of the code being activated on your previous install.