Controlling movement of content items between sites


Has anyone with multiple sites in their Rhythmyx 6.5.2 system developed a method to control the ability of users to move content items, as a linked copies, from one site to another?

Our concern is that users will create an item in a site that is published on our intranet, submit it through its workflow to get it approved by editors and moved to a public state, then they will be able to drag-and-drop it to another site that is published to the whole world wide web. Experimenting with this has revealed that the linked copy retains the public state of the original, so will be published without approval. The item may not be suitable, or even legally allowable, to be viewed external to our organisation.

It is not that we want to block all sharing of content between sites. Quite the reverse - a big part of raison d’etre for using any CMS is to allow content reuse. We could disable the menu option via the UI Elements Design tab, but that would prevent any use of linked copies, even between folders within the same site.

Ideally we would want those linked copies to be reassigned to a draft state when the new folder they are copied to is in a different site than the folder of the original copy. But any alternative or partial solutions would be welcome.




Understand that Rhythmyx Folder are actually virtual locations. The Content Items are not physically stored in the Folders as a file is stored in a directory on disk.

When you perform a “Paste as Link”, you are creating a new link to between the Content Item and the target Folder. The existing links to other Folders continue to exist. You can see this if you look at the Content Item’s Folder Relationships in Impact Analysis. Therefore, the behavior you are proposing really is not possible.

The best option to control use of this menu would be to hide the menu entry from some Roles using the Visibility tab of the Menu Entry editor.


You might be able to prevent a paste in another site by using an effect and attaching it to the folder relationship type. The effect could check if the dependent item was in a public (or ignore) state and if so, if the item did not exist in the current site(s), disallow the creation of the relationship.

I’m unclear on your ideal. Are you saying that if someone dragged a public item to another site, that the item would be moved to draft, thus unpublishing it from the original site?