Copying an list from word with Roman Numerals

I noticed that if we have a list with Roman Numerals in Word and we copy it into Percussion with the Paste from Word icon, it puts a standard ordered list numbering before the roman numerals. Why is this?

Hey Matt,

Is it replacing the Roman numerals with decimals, or is it adding the decimals in addition to the numerals?

If it’s simply replacing the Roman numerals with plain decimals, that actually makes sense. When you copy an ordered list from Word, it essentially gets pasted into the RTE as a plain HTML ordered list. Without any CSS styling, this will default to a plain decimal list. To make the ordered list display using Roman numerals as opposed to decimals, you can create a CSS rule set that matches these List Items with a styling of “list-style-type: lower-roman;".

If it’s adding the decimals in addition to the Roman numerals, it might have to do with an issue with the formatting in your Word document itself. You can always switch to source view in the RTE to get a better idea of what’s happening when the content gets pasted in.

To further this, when you are working in Microsoft Office (MSO) and copy items out, it brings information about the list with it, but the actual markup that represents the items is a MSO specific tag or class. You can save the file as a .htm(l) file from Word and look at the styles it uses.

Because of this, there are functions to clear up the MSO specific styles and convert them into standard HTML elements - in this case a list. The roman numeral display you see is usually controlled via a MSO style, specified in a style sheet at the top of the document. When you copy the markup, the CSS rules don’t come with it, so Rich Text editors convert it to a standard list when they identify the markup.

There may be some way to save the MSO list where it converts it to standard HTML, but that’s still a longer process than copying and pasting directly into the editor.

Thanks for the responses guys. I totally understand why it won’t work. I have just created a class for an OL list that will change it to Roman Numerals. I also created an “Idea” for adding a option menu for lists so that an end user can select what type of list they want.

Sounds good. I saw the idea and want to make sure it’s linked.

Anyone else looking at lists and styling related to them, that might also be interested in having some pre-defined options in the Rich Text Editor, please check out Matt’s idea and +1 it if you are looking for similar functionality:

Pre-Styled Lists Feature