Dashboard Gadget to detect broken links

I agreed with this post https://community.percussion.com/percussion/topics/better-way-to-check-broken-links?utm_source=notif…

However, IMO, I think Percussion should create a new Dashboard Gadget that display broken link (PDFs, Pages, etc.) so I can be aware of it. Right now, there’s no way to know.


Any progress on this?

We are having an issue with rampant broken links as well. Are there any built-in solutions to identify theses in a report/widget in CM1?

The feature is under consideration but not planned or scheduled.  We have allot of customers that use other tools, like Siteimprove, for this, so we’ve focused on better integrating with them first as they have other complementary strengths (ADA/508 reporting etc).  

If you are using Managed Links you really shouldn’t be seeing rampant broken links though.  Are there certain use cases that seem to cause the broken links for you?


Sorry Nate. We also posted a similar question in a support ticket, so we’ll continue the discussion there.