Demote template content to the page level button

I love that you can promote page content to the template level, but more useful for me would be to demote template level content to a page. Is this an option, if so how would I do this? Almost everything on this particular page is on the template level, but needs to be on the page level.

The only way I know to fix this is to save each individual widget as a universal widget, then go back and make a copy of the template and delete all the content. Re-add all the empty gadgets at the template level, then re-add all the newly created universal widgets on the page level. Is this my only option? I did not create this on the page level because it would not have pulled my gadgets over. I only need to change a few link urls and location specific wording. It seems like there would be an easier way.

Hi John,

Unfortunately at this time we do not have a “demote” functionality. The work around that we’ve used is as you have described here. However, this would be a great idea to post on the community and I would highly encourage it. I’ll even back you up on that!

I’ll do it now. Thanks Ben