DTS down & Editing load slow

Hi folks,

We finally launched our full site on Friday (www.acsf.cornell.edu) - Hooray!

All is working well except:

  • DTS now seems to be down (in our blog - Older Post & Newer Post links don’t work).
  • When beginning to edit a page, sometimes it spins for about 45 secs before finally opening.

We did a a server restart after go-live on Friday & tried to bring DTS up as in the past, but so far no luck.

We’re on Version 3.3.4 Build 201310R30 (0)

James (jiv2@cornell.edu), our server guy is working on it, but I wondered if you might have any suggestions.


Mark Lawrence

Hi Mark,

Congratulations on the launch! We are going to take this issue offline to further troubleshoot. You should be receiving an email notification from our support portal shortly.


Thank you guys - this was split into two tickets and they both appear to be solved.

All the best,


Hi Mark,

Great news! Glad to hear it.