DTS Install questions

I’m a tad confused on the DTS, and determining if I need it, and if so, how do I get it installed?

Everything in Percussion help documentation points to: http://help.percussion.com/downloads/… to download DTS, but the links are not there.

Our production server environment is structured:
Windows environment:
1 MS SQL Database Server for the CM1 MS SQL Database
1 Server for the CM1 Application version 2.8
1 Server running MS IIS 8.0 for the published sites.

So, do I need DTS? If so, which server should I install it on?


Hey Paul,

In order for any of CM1’s dynamic features to operate on your IIS web server (Auto-lists, comments, tags and categories, etc.), you will need to have the DTS Tomcat installed alongside IIS on the same machine. This document outlines how to configure your IIS web server environment to properly interact with the local DTS Tomcat, along with how to install and configure the DTS server itself:


If you already have your IIS server serving up static CM1 content, you should be able to skip a number of the more basic steps.

That is what I thought. I’ve been reading through the documentation in the link you provided already, but I’m not seeing where to download or find the SetupDTS.exe file. I could not locate it on the server where we installed CM1.

And yes, we already have a server setup with IIS installed. In the process of getting its FTP configured so that we may publish to it.

I’m assuming then, based on the information in that link, that we would want to install DTS on the same server running our IIS for published sites, correct?


I realize now that the links to the installer were taken down today while we test a patch for a workflow related issue. They should be back up later today / early tomorrow. Sorry about the confusion there.

That is correct – it is a recommended deployment where the DTS server is installed on the same machine as IIS.

Ran into the same issue today.

I did find a SetupDTS.exe in the CM1 download, however it’s thowing this error when I try and run it “Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported”. I’m using Windows Server 2012 so I don’t know if that’s the issue. It also says to try the comand line mode using the -i option.

Hi Eric,

The first thing I would try would be to right-click on the SetupDTS.exe file and run the installer as an Administrator, in case it’s having trouble deploying the temporary installation files. If that doesn’t work, you can again right-click on the EXE file and go into Properties > Compatibility > Run in compatibility mode for: Windows Server 2008. Let me know if this helps.

Okay, I see you guys have the version 3.0 available to download now. It does have the SetupDTS.exe in it. IF we’re still only running 2.8 , is it okay to install the SetupDTS.exe from the 3.0 download?

Hi Paul,

We don’t QA older versions of CM1 writing to newer deployments of the DTS Tomcat, and as such, we do recommend that customers upgrade CM1 so that their DTS version is in sync with their CM1 version. That said, I do know of a couple customers in the past who have ran newer instances of the DTS Tomcat against CM1 2.8 temporarily without encountering any issues.

Followup on Server 2012 - Thanks Nathaniel. It will run in Windows Server 2012 if you change compatibility mode and then run as an admin. I did not have an option for WS 2008, just Windows 7 so hopefully that does not pose an issue. The service.bat install ran fine from the command line.

BTW – good luck finding CMD in 2012. I’m new to it and the way I found it was to open up start (mouse over lower left till start shows), right click on the start screen and the “all apps” button shows in the right corner. Click it to open up the apps screen and then right click cmd to bring up yet another option in the footer to run cmd as an admin.

Eric, I’d suggest installing the Windows 2012 feature for “Desktop Experience”. Then reboot, then you can right click the desktop and personalize similar to older versions of windows. Also, you can then create shortcut icons to the command prompt (cmd.exe) and to other commonly used tasks like logoff, reboot, shutdown (shortcut link would be “shutdown -p” for shutdown, “shutdown -l” for logoff, and “shutdown” -r for reboot I believe). Also don’t forget on the start screen you can right click an app and tell it to pin to taskbar

also thanks for the tips, I ran into the same problem as you did with the compatibility of the SetupDTS.exe install.

I’m glad that worked. This will be good to know going forward. Also, big thanks to both of you for sharing the tips regarding Server 2012.