editable drop downs in Active Assembley


ver: 6.5.2

We are using several drop downs on our content types. When a user creates a content item and selects the drop downs, then goes into active assembley, they are no longer able to edit the drop down items. See below for code example…

Is there a way of implementing these so they edit them in active assembley?



content type = cmsproject
field = project_category
field type = sys_DropDownSingle
drop down values = Large, Medium, Small

bindings =
$category_selected ($sys.item.getProperty(“rx:cms_loc_projectcategory”).String)
$category ($rx.keyword.getChoiceLabel(“cmsProject”,“cms_loc_projectcategory”, $category_selected))

See attached for what happens in AA. Notice there is no edit icon.

Template Code:

Category = $category