Error during FTP login: null

Do these FTP error messages look familiar to anyone? It tries three times to connect and then stops. The messages suggest that I’m not sending an FTP user name and password, but I don’t see empty fields in the Publisher and Site definitions.

12:43:51,819 INFO  [PublisherMgr] Message: Interrupted by fatal publisher client Exception: Error during FTP login: Connection closed without indication.

and earlier I got

12:29:05,002 INFO  [PublisherMgr] Rhythmyx Publisher Handler: Publishing for editionid = 322 could not continue
12:29:05,002 INFO  [PublisherMgr] Message: Interrupted by fatal publisher client Exception: Error during FTP login: null

The “Null” just means that the Exception has a null message in it, not that the field was null. The problem is that your login (to the FTP server) is failing for some unknown reason.

Have you tried logging into the FTP site? Do you know for sure that the user/password are good? Are there any firewalls between your publisher and your FTP server?


I put my usual FTP user ID and password into User ID and Password under FTP Information in the Site configuration, as well into Publisher User Name and Publisher Password in the Publisher configuration. Maybe port 9980 is firewalled on the server.

Is this a 6.5.x system? If so, what does port 9980 have to do with it?

Oh, “Setting Up FTP Publishing” on pages 351-352 in the “Rhythmyx Implementation Guide Version 6.5.2” mentions port 9980. But I’m using port 22 for the actual FTP (SFTP) part.

You didn’t say this was SFTP (which is rather different from FTP).

I think that the port 9980 part is left over from Rhythmyx 5.x. In 6.x, the server listens on both port 9992 and 9980 by default. As long as the Rhythmyx publisher and the Rhythmyx server are on the same system, and you are using “Localhost” or “” for the IP Address, it should work regardless of firewall rules.

When you tested the SFTP connection by hand, did you log in from your desktop machine, or from the Rhythmyx server? What SSH client did you use ?


I logged in both ways: using WinSCP from my desktop machine to SFTP into the target server, then using PuTTY from my desktop machine to log into the Rhythmyx server and then the sftp command line to log into SFTP on the target machine, using the same credentials.