Finder Height Issue in v3.1

My Finder height keeps getting really long. I keep resizing it down but it reverts back to being really long anytime I navigate to another folder in the finder.

Any help? I though tin 3.1 it was supposed to remember the last size it was sized too? So it should be remember the size I leave it at after I size it. (also note, I never sized it to be so long as it currently is doing)

Hi Paul,

I am looking into this now. I have seen this before, but the steps to reproduce have been inconsistent, so I’m working to narrow this one down. A temporary solution would be to log out of CM1, clear your browser’s cache, log back in and refrain from re-sizing the Finder – simply minimizing and expanding the Finder using the plus / minus icon in the upper right should still work fine.

Okay Thanks.


We had one machine in our office exhibiting this behavior, and only in Google Chrome, while all other PCs we tried had no issues. For this one machine we were able to correct the problem by resetting Chrome to its factory defaults.

To do this, first shut down Chrome, then navigate to: C:\Users{user_name}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\User Data

(Note that AppData is a hidden folder, so you will need to configure Windows to display hidden folders.)

Once there, find the folder named Default, and rename this folder to something such as DefaultOLD. After you’ve done this, start Chrome back up. You should see that a new Default folder is created, indicating that your full browser settings have been reset.

At this point, log back into CM1 and see if you still encounter the Finder resizing issues.


that seemed to do the trick. Was really hoping it would fix my capitalization issue I have in the Finder as well, but it did not. Probably not worry about it for now, I’ll be switching to a new computer soon anyways…

Hey Paul,

Glad that worked on your end. I was also wondering if this might correct the letter capitalization issue - oh well. Let me know if that issue persists on your new machine.

Can you be more specific as far as what file in the chrome user data folder is causing the height issue? It’s already doing it again, and I don’t want to have to reset all of my Chrome settings every single time it occurs. Thanks.

Hi Paul,

We are still in the process of investigating exactly what is causing this. Can you tell me if you made any configuration / plugin changes to Chrome since this issue reemerged? If not, I’ll create a support ticket for this issue, through which I would like to grab your Chrome config folder, which might help in tracking down the exact source of this problem.


We are also experiencing this issue for some users with Firefox v22, nothing yet in Chrome or IE. (However we’ve only yet done a very limited rollout of CM1.)

It was temporarily resolved when users closed Firefox and restarted, however the issue returned after a short time.

Please advise.


Hi Slee,

There seems to be a setting which prevents some browsers from being able to properly cache the user’s last height setting for the Finder, making it expand to full size. We’re still looking into isolating the cause of this. In the meantime, clearing your browser’s cache and then refraining from resizing the Finder when working in the system (you can still minimize and expand it like normal) should prevent it from auto-expanding.