Footer Region

I made a mistake and deleted my footer region and I have tried to drag and drop a new region at the bottom of my template for the footer but it’s not allowing me too…any ideas on how to add the footer region back and add a rich text widget to it


Did you save the changes after you deleted the region? If not, just click the Cancel button. This will roll back to the last time you saved so any changes since then will be lost. But if you haven’t saved since you deleted the region, that will come back.

Mallorie and I looked over this issue and, after verifying that she had no widgets within the region she was intending to add a new region to (in accordance with CM1’s widgets and nested regions rules:, we placed her new region in a different area of the same containing region (in this case near the top), and then simply dragged the new region down to the bottom of her template. This is a workaround for a quirk in CM1 which can prevent you from adding a region to the bottom of a template due to a lack of padding.

Thanks a lot Nathaniel!

I too had this issue and realized you have to create all the outer regions first and then you will be able to add additional inner regions without a problem.