Form Email Debugging

I’m not getting emails from a CM1 form. I have set up email notifications per… but no joy so far.

I also see that I have got an file in the DTS (which I don’t recall setting up myself.)

I would like to be able to get some debugging statements on the server to see what is happening. Is there anything I can do?


Hi Oliver,

The file is the one you will need to configure to enable email notifications for form submissions. You will need to fill out the fields in this file, remove the “.sample” portion of the filename, and restart your DTS Tomcat in order to get this working. Let me know if you have any additional trouble with this.

Nathaniel - I too am having trouble getting emails to send from forms and I also configured as per the link above. Then I found this thread, and dug up my file. It is loaded with settings for is that right - somehow - or do I need to change all that for our server/email? -bob

Hi Bob,

No, the existing configurations are only there as an example - you will need to reconfigure the file with your own information.