Full breadcrumb path for page beside navigation page

Is there a reason why “Page” does not have full true breadcrumb path, like “Navigation page”? This is getting annoying because we had to manually converting Page to Navigation Page in order to get full breadcrumb path.

Please advise…


The Navigation widgets rely on a hidden item that contains the Navigation properties.  Regular folders don’t have these properties (Landing Page, Navigation Title, CSS etc) that is why you need to have Sections in the Navigation for them to appear in the Navigation Widgets. 

Well, put me down as a +1 for a feature-request/product-improvement then.

Is the request more to make new Folders new Navigation sections by default?  

The problem with using folders as navigation elements in addition to sections is that you then need to be able to set a title, re-order them etc - which is what the Navigation section already does, so why not just use Sections in the first place?


I think it would be more like making sub-pages (other pages in a folder) automatically considered children to the index page that’s in the folder. This way the breadcrumb would work all the way up to the sub-folder that the page sits in without having to add it to the navigation.

I think I see what you mean by that, Nate. 

Well, we still need to figure out another way to make it happen.

Any progress on this?