Full Screen Editing

I would really like to see the ability to make the editor modals go full screen. Some times the box isn’t just big enough. The “FullScreen” capability that Wordpress has might be nice.


When you posted this, two co-workers and myself immediately began discussing it amongst ourselves. I think it’s a great idea – I’m sure that anyone who works in CM1 regularly has become very adept at minimizing the Finder and resizing windows as needed, but simply being able to maximize the window that you’re working in would be a very useful usability feature.


Our current thinking about the RTE editor is instead to pursue the idea of a full inline WYSIWYG editor. Rather than having the popup window, you would stay directly on the page and simply start typing. I button bar would hover above the widget so that you could do the appropriate styling. We may still need the popup in order to accomodate “source view” but this is our current thinking for the future of the RTE widget.

In 3.1, we upgraded the RTE editor and there is now a “full screen” capability which resizes the RTE to take up the entire popup dialog box. This is not a true full screen. We are still considering an inline editing capability for the future, but hope this interim step is valuable.

I like the full screen option. But, what about the source code box? It would be awful handy if that could be expanded also.

github.com does full screen editing which is really neat. Check this out - https://github.com/blog/1379-zen-writ…

I think this will be much easier.

Or this one http://imperavi.com/redactor/

This one really blew me away. It’s far simple and source code is right there.

Check out more example - that would be very useful for Percussion - http://imperavi.com/redactor/examples/

Any update on RTE full screen? I found some strange issue - here’s the quick screencast: http://puu.sh/8uIli/e72b68e95d.mov

In this video, I understand it’s not the “true” full screen but I believe this “lightbox” need to be more flexible. For example, when re-sizing the RTE to make it bigger, it still cut out (again it’s in the video).

Hope I make sense. Have you thought about implementing bootstrap modal instead?

Hi Aaron

In the RTE there are two windows that can be expanded.

Ok that makes sense. Thanks for pointing this out.

This is the “hacked” version of RTE (related to css) with different font family, color and size to match my our new website. Is there a way this modified css not to be replaced by the latest percussion update? Thanks!

The content in the RTE will not match your sites CSS but your contents css will render on the page.

If you change the percussion CSS files they will be overwritten on an update. In the future avoid modifying any system file that CM1 comes with. This will avoid having any UI issues. Because of this please do not alter the Percussion Css files.

I understand what you mean by that. No problem.

I was hoping in the next CM1 update, please change from font-size 11px to more like 14px or 15px. It is too small. Also set the line-height to 1.6 for better line height spacing. It’s in sys_resources/tinymce-4.0b3/skins/lightgray/content.min.css


In the 2nd half of 2014, we are looking at redesigning the content contributor experience. This will focus on making it much easier for casual users to create and edit content without the need for training (other than on your company policies.) As a result, you won’t see us making a lot of these types of little changes in the current UI in the short term, but we are taking all this feedback into consideration as we look at the new design.  

That’s awesome to know! Is that the same mockup of “content contributor” you posted a while back, right?

Yes it is.  I’ll be pulling together a guide group on that topic in the next month or so to review the prototype and get feedback from users.  It will be extremely valuable if you are able to connect us at your company with the type of casual content contributors that we are targeting

Sounds good to me. Please keep me posted or add my email so I will be notified about this.

thanks for this link. I think we may consider getting this for our internal applications. need to test it though for how it handles MS Word content though…

Few of my clients asked why the Editor are so small. They wanted to have full screen (or bigger editor) rather than resize every time they open.

Is there a way to do true Full Screen? Saw TinyMCE demo and here’s screenshot attached

WordPress does it now. WordPress uses TinyMCE just like Percussion.