Google Analytics Connection error

Trying to connect to google analytics. Anyone get a “Connection error: Error occurred while attempting to retrieve profiles: Not Found”

Hi Even,

There is a known issue with this gadget caused by an incompatibility with Google’s new API. We plan to release a patch for CM1 2.8 in a matter of days which will resolve this problem. I will be sure to reply to this topic to let you know when this patch has become available.


I know I reached out to you directly to deliver this patch, but just to close the loop here in case anyone else finds the topic and is in need of this patch, the download and the installation instructions are now up on our help site:

CM1 downloads page:…

Installation instructions:…

Hi - we’ve installed the patch and are still getting an error message when trying to use the Google Setup Gadget. The error message is: Connection error: Error occurred while attempting to retrieve profiles: Not Found.

Is this a known issue or should we try reinstalling it?


Hi Catherine,

Can you tell me what version of CM1 you are installing this patch on? I ask because this fix is only available for 2.8, so it will not work on other versions.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind adding your email address to your account on here, that would be great in case we need to reach out to you directly to troubleshoot this issue (the email address will only be visible to Percussion employees).

Hi Nathaniel - I’m using Version 2.8.0 Build 201209R01 (36). I did have my email address in the account; let me check on why it may not be showing up for you.

Hi Catherine,

In the CM1 user interface, if you click on the question mark button to the upper right, then “About,” does it say “Version 2.8.0 Build 201209P01 (42) [CM-1268]”, or just “Version 2.8.0 Build 201209R01 (36)”? If is shows the latter, that indicates the patch wasn’t applied properly. Please reference the installation guide here to see if you might have missed a step:…

If you continue to have issues, please let me know and I can guide you through the process. Alternatively, if your “About” screen does have the “(42) [CM-1268]” piece at the end, then we will need to look into this as a separate issue (I do see your email address now, so thanks for verifying that that has been included in your account).



I’m not sure if you have had a chance to look into this yet, but I just wanted to highlight a few snags that can arise when installing CM1 patches.

First, the install.bat file needs to be run by a windows administrator, otherwise the installation will appear to complete successfully, but if you check the install log file, you would see a string of access denied errors when attempting to copy in the new files.

You might encounter similar issues if CM1 did not shut down completely before installing the patch. After shutting down CM1, you can use Task Manager to look and see if there are any java.exe processes running out of the Percussion directory.

Let me know how you make out with this, Catherine.


I am getting a simliar but slightly different error and I have version 3.3 installed.

My error is “File not found -…” and File not found –…

Any ideas?

Bare with me as I have a contractor working with me to help hook up my google site search, so maybe it has to do with that and he knows what this is about? Just thought I would post it here too incase he has also never seen this.


Hi Sandy,

This is simply indicating that you have references to resources in your template’s Meta-data area that are not resolving. In this case it looks like you’re referencing some external Google Custom Search CSS files, and these files are no longer present in the locations you have specified.