Help Percussion Community - Best Practices on a Fed Government Site

Hi Percussion Community, we are struggling through implementing our new site in CM1 and have hit several road blocks along the way while trying to find documentation and best practices. For example how does one implement a newsroom area to display press releases issued for not only our national web site but each of our state websites, do we use a blog or what? We also have areas which issue various market rate reports - whats the best method to implement that? Then looks like we need a new template for each level of our site in order to implement the breadcrumb and interior page navigation structure, is that correct? these are some of our issues that make us stay up all night. How does one find help for this? or training even… thanks

Hi Jeff,

I’m sorry you’re not getting the help you need right now but I want to assure you that we’re all aware of your situation here and we hope to get you back on track as soon as possible. As discussed on our call, we’re putting together a plan to give you a condensed version of our 90 day coaching program tailored to your needs. In the interim, one of our coaches will be in touch shortly to help out with your immediate questions.