Home page alignment

Hey PC,

I edited my home page’s new’s slider the other day and somehow altered the layout of the boxes on the lower portion of the page. They are now scrunched on top of each other and misaligned. Any ideas as to what happened and how I can realign the elements of the page?



Hi John,

After taking a look at your site today, I believe we have stumbled upon the answer. What seems to be the issue is that you have accidentally moved your regions out of place. Your footer region which was once housed within your div id of wrapper is now housed within the region with an id of page wrapper. It looks like you just need to drag the footer region one area lower.

Please follow these screenshots for maximum survivability!

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply.
The footer box has been moved so far down that it now appears over to the right.

When I attempt to grab at the grey area of the box to move it, it won’t budge.

Am I supposed to be able to manually move regions? They all seem to be indelible…

Hi John,

There might be an issue with your javascript, please go to view directly beneath the layout tab and disable javascript. Another thing that I can think of is that you may be accidentally grabbing the widget and not the region. A great way to check is clicking on the wrench icon that pops up in the area and if it says configure widget properties then you have the wrong spot. You should be able to move regions. Please confirm you made a copy in case we need to go back to it.


I have a copy ready to roll. I disabled the JS and was able to move regions. However, it was very messy and I wasn’t able to hone in on where I should be dropping the region. Essentially, the page looked like it melted…

Once I moved the footer back to where it should go, the page wrapper was left behind on the right side and the content was sitting very awkwardly so I cancelled the changes instead of re-enabling JS and am back at square 1, maybe 2.

Hi John,

Try highlighting in explore regions the region with the id of “wrapper”. Next drag the footer region to the very bottom of that region and it should appear with a thin strip of green. Deposit the footer region into the wrapper region. I also want you to know that through all of this your layout won’t be indicative of what your page actually looks like. Please use the preview mode and verify the layout.

Once I disable JS, the page wrapper does not highlight, but the region wrench pops up on the right underneath the footer. The contents of the page are so scattered and misplaced in this non-JS view that I can’t move it back to where it goes. The green bar does not appear in the correct spot…

I can only move the region to the far left or right of the home-page. The entire right and left, when I attempt to replace the region, will turn green but no other areas will.

Hi John,

If you enable javascript, does that make it any easier to manipulate? When the region of wrapper is highlighted and the wrench shows up. Take note of where it is and drag the footer region to the bottom of the wrapper region until that green bar comes up. I know I may be repeating myself, but without visuals it’s taking some guess work for me to fully understand your situation. Also, did you check it out in preview?

When JS is enabled, I can’t move regions at all. They seem to be locked. The wrapper region seems to have stretched to the far right of the screen, creating another page-width area. The wrapper is the only region that is not showing up grey but the wrench is. When I am able to manipulate regions, JS off, I can’t move wrapper region or the footer region back onto the main page, I can only move them to the far left or far right of the page.

Can I use any of the advanced region options to change the wrapper and footer back manually?

Hi John,

I will start an email thread with you offline. Please be on the lookout for it.