"Home" Sections/Folders and/or Asset Folders for Users

I’d love to see an options to set “Home” Sections/Folders and “Home” Asset folders for users. The idea here would be that users, upon first login, would be directed in the Finder directly to their “Home” Section/Folder.

Additionally there would be buttons somewhere one could click to take one directly to their Home Section/Folder.

I think it’d be good to have a separate configurable “Home” Asset folder as well.

These options would greatly cut down on the amount of time wasted simply having to navigate the Finder.

Most of our users will remain in such “Home” areas 90% of the time.

Hi Paul,

This makes sense. Would you see this as an alternative to the existing idea posted on here to only display folders / sections that a user has access to? The Idea topic in question is here:


If the type of behavior outlined in that topic would be favorable to what you’re proposing, please go ahead and lend your support to that thread, as I know that idea is already under consideration by our Prod Mgmt team.

I’m thinking that both could be very useful. the post you linked to is useful in that it keeps it so users only see what they have access to see.

And then my “Home” folder idea lets one setup a default “go to” site section and or asset folder so that as soon as the user logs in, it takes them directly there. And my mention of having “home” buttons/options enables one to quickly get back to their “home” folders whenever they want to.

Both ideas would be very high on my least of what next gets implemented in CM1.

Thanks Paul, great feedback. One thing to consider for now is that you can always have your user’s bookmark links to the system that would automatically load up specific folders, like so:




I’d like this too

We added a Home screen in version 4.5 that provides this functionality, albeit in a slightly different way to what is described above. It doesn’t include Assets yet but it does allow users easy access their most commonly used pages.