How do I publish all pages that use an asset (form in a template)?

This how I currently perform this.

  1. Edit Asset - I changed the “on success redirect” page in the meta-data
  2. Save the Asset
  3. Approve the Asset
  4. Publish a page that uses this asset.
    This worked on some pages but not all. Why? I can’t seem to get this asset(form) to update on some of my main pages that use the same template and asset as the ones that ARE working. There are no pages in pending or quick edit. HELP!

HI John,

Try running a full site publish.

Also send me a link to a page were the asset is updated and a page where the asset is not.

I just tried a full site publish with no change in results.

Form redirects correctly -…

Form redirects to the old success location -…

I circled the Main trade links and stated they weren’t working in my image, but after checking all of them I found that the doors and siding main pages are working. Roofing, windows, and stucco are not.

Hi John,

This might just be a simple browser caching issue. I’ve looked at your published code, and the encrypted values for your success redirect pages are the same on all of the links you’ve shared. Try clearing your browser’s full cache and then give the forms another shot. Let me know if this makes any difference.

That was it. Thanks Nathaniel!