How do I remove a page from being live on my site?

I’ve been trying remove a page from my site, and I’ve tried the “remove from site” method however they’re still live on my site. Even pages that have been deleted from percussion are still live on the site. Is there something I did wrong? or is there something to remove pages from being live?

Hi Andrew,

After deleting a page or putting a page in archive state you must run a full site publish to take the page off of your live site. The “remove from site” action should take the page down from your live site with out having to run a full site publish.

Hi there, I have followed the “remove from site” step for sections, run many full publishes of site and placed 301 redirects in the web.config file on my web server. However, we are still finding the pages indexed by Google and it is hurting our SEO. How do we remove the obsolete HTML files form our web servers for pages that no longer exist? We can’t get to them from the application!



Hi Molly,

Is the page that is showing up in the Google search indexing visitable. In other words if you go to that URL do you get a 404 Error page or does the page exist on your server?